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What are Coffee Pods?

   Welcome to our website Ezy Coffee  If your  don’t use Coffee Pods you may ask what Coffee Pods are! Wikipedia defines them as “Coffee pods, capsules and bags that can both reduce the time needed to brew coffee and simplify the brewing process by eliminating the need to measure out portions, flavorings, and additives from large bulk containers.”

Coffee is kept fresh in individual package portions. Coffee is no longer exposed to light and air each time we make a coffee. Superior fresh taste is promised. With no need to wash up afterwards pods has become a rather perfect convenience for the coffee lover.

Coffee pods come in all sizes, shapes and materials. They can be purchased online or offline there prices vary and now there are even refillable coffee pods. Different varieties include paper filter pods for espresso machines, aluminum nespresso pods for nespresso machines,  plastic compatible reusable pods, and many varieties or metal and plastic pods to fit various brands of coffee machine.

Ezy coffee pods .com Aims to look at a wide variety of Coffee pods, Everything from nespresso which includes an aluminum coffee pod meant for a one time use only, refillable nespresso pods,  pods for espresso machines and branded coffee machines like the aldi expressi K fee system, Map and other varieties.

If you are interested in refillable coffee pods for you aldi expressi machine leave your details here to be notified of their launch, which hopefully will be in the last few months of 2012. Just leave your details here!




 Refillable Nespresso Capsules or Coffee Pods

Are they a Myth?

Most  nespresso users don’t realize that the nespresso machines originally launched in 1986 and the company only started to take off in the 1990s with massive sales.  Once George Clooney endorsed the Coffee pod machines in 2010 sales hit over 3.22 bullion. Wow! That is just one heck of a figure for any nespresso user to consider.

Little do people  realize that paying over 70cents for a non refillable nespresso capsule is building a grand company empire pulling in the profits in the billions.

The pods are filled with Boutique coffee and sold as the Grand Cruz range with 16 varieties, a premium range and limited edition range. This give the nespresso buyer a complete  variety of coffee to choose from with different flavours and brews.

 There are some smart nespresso users however that have tapped into a new concept  Refillable capsules compatible with nespresso machines who are saving big time using ezy coffee capsule solutions.

These reusable capsules are not endorsed by nespresso in any way but are a solution for putting money back into your pocket.  To Buy nespresso capsules you need to find a distributor usually in a major city or buy your coffee pods online. This means that if you run out of pods, you can’t make a coffee on your nespresso machine. Having a refillable pod in your cupboard not only means you save money but that you will never get caught without coffee when guests arrive unexpectedly.

 Coffee Capsule or Coffee Pod

This website aims to be a place to Buy refill coffee pods and review what is available for your machine. There is a forum to make comments about your experiences using coffee pods, the machines including Nespresso and many other brands available. A place to find out more and comment on your machine, refillable coffee capsules, the coffee capsules you use whether it be nespresso, expressi(aldi machines), map or espresso machines that take paper filter espresso pods.


 Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

espresso machinesCoffee pods that are nespresso compatible are available in the non refillable form as well as refillable coffee pods and capsules. If you buy nespresso coffee you will be pleased to know that we have a compatible version for that is refillable and can be filled with your own choice of coffee.  There are other companies who supply metal aluminum capsules also already filled with coffee.

Ezy coffee has refillable coffee pods compatible with these Nespresso machines. They are compatible with

nespresso machines including Citiz and Pixie basically any coffee machine that accepts nespresso capsules.Exceptions to the rule are Krups machines model #F867. #F896. #F892 #F893  or nespresso machines that are 1 pin machines, meaning they only make 1 hole at the base of the nespresso capsules.

Along with huge savings it is also an added convenience because you are no limited to using the coffee only available from  suppliers of Nespresso boutique coffee.

 Reducing the Cost of Nespresso Capsules

There are many advantages in Reusable nespresso capsules  the most significant is reducing your nespresso capsules cost price. Each month nespresso uses can buy 50 to 200 sleeves or more leaving with their monthly coffee expense running into hundreds of dollars.

The best nespresso can cost 84cents a capsule $8.40 for a sleeve of 10 limited edition capsules. That means 10 coffees for $8.40. Not bad if you compare that to going to a cafe. The point is when you start making a coffee every few hours and home you could easily use 8-10 in one day, especially if your making them for visitors and other members of the household. When you buy nespresso capsules it can be addictive, especially in the beginning. After a few months the thrill begins to wear off and you start to realize that your spending a lot more on coffee than you ever did before. You also left with a whole lot of aluminum coffee pods that really should be recycled, but if you don’t live near a major city that has the nespresso recycling depot your left to your own devices, yet another cost of using the nespresso capsules. If you are a keen recyclers you will end up scooping out the coffee from each nespresso  and putting it in your compost. Then aluminum pods go to the recycle. That’s why nespresso users are looking for alternative. They want to reduce nespresso capsule cost and refillable coffee pods tick the box when 1 capsule or pod can be used 200 times.