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Refillable Coffee Pods/ Capsules for Delonghi Nespresso

Buy Refillable Nespresso Pods – Capsules

Refillable Nespresso™Pods/Capsules

  • Compatible with Nespresso™ Coffee
  • 30 Uses! for each Pod Stainless Steel filter  
  • Avoid Cost of Nespresso™ & Start Enjoying

Nespresso™ for Less  than 0.25cents

  • BPA free Food Safe with No Messy Filters
  • Twin Stainless Steel Filters(emo4)

Free Delivery to your Door in Australia

1 Pkt 10 x refillable pods less than $27.99 =Up to 300 uses

Shipped within 48hours of order excluding weekends


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Refillable Nespresso Pods Compatible With:
Any coffee machine that accepts nespresso™ capsules or coffee pods including Citiz and Pixie.
Exceptions to the rule are Krups machines model #F867. #F896. #F892 #F893 or nespresso™ machines that are 1 pin machines, meaning they only make 1 hole at the base of the nespresso™ capsules


Coffee Capsules have become a new form of waste that was simply non existent 5 years ago.

Also another added cost, but if your sick and tired of paying for coffee pods or nespresso™ capsules then this is the solution for you!

 Each Capsule can be re used up to 30 times. Make your own mixes and have 30 or more cups of coffee from a single capsule.

Easy espresso coffee without the expense

bullet2Reducing waste and recycle means you not adding to the problem.
bullet2  Never get caught! You won’t have the embarrassing situation of running out of good coffee when you have guests over or your entertaining.
bullet2  BPA Free and made from food grade safe polypropylene


Fill With Espresso Coffee          snap lid close





 Simply fill with your favourite espresso coffee!

Fine even ground espresso works best. You can brew tea if you choose.

Insert  Refillable in Nespresso Macine        nespresso_coffee






 Please make sure your machine is compatible with Nespresso™ machines by reading the description – the information is provided. We take no responsibility for any damage caused to your coffee machine when using refillable pods We have no affiliation with Nespresso™, and our refillable or reusable capsules are not sponsored or endorsed by Nespresso™. Any reference to Nespresso™ in this website is in a descriptive capacity only.

Cost Comparison Nespresso Capsulereusable nespresso coffee capsule

It is definitely worth it even if you only use a refillable every now and then. I wouldn’t be without them because

I have just run out of nespresso pods too many time and I much prefer a refillable coffee pod to a plunger espresso!

Besides I can reduce my nespresso waste every time I use refillable, see more about reusable nespresso here

Improved Refillable Coffee PodBase of Refillable Capsule






How to Re Use Your Nespresso Capsules

How To ReUse Your Nespresso Capsules

Re using Nespresso Capsules is great for the planet and this video shows you how it is possible. I do think however that using a capsule or pod made for the purpose of reuse is better for our health. Thin aluminum designed to be used once is probably not the best alternative. Using a capsule that has been designed to throw away more that a few times is good however I think it is better to use some of the alternative bpa free plastic capsules available today that are made specifically for reuse.

Lets face it, if you caught with no nespresso capsules at home this could be the perfect solution for a coffee craving. It will also reduce your nespresso waste by the amount of times your reuse your capsule.

Reusable Refillable Pods U Machine Nespresso

New U nespresso machine and refillable reusable coffee capsules are compatible. Yes! They do work.

The refillable reusable pods also  work in pixie, citiz, essenza, lattisma  and are also compatible with the new U nespresso.

With the new U machine usually retailing for approx $249 its my best value nespresso machine pick!  I know I want to replace my pixie machine with a U Nespresso. I have a perfectly good nespresso machine although when I looked at the U machine in store and the new inbuilt features I wanted one.

What is New With U Nespresso

I discovered there is no a great deal of difference in the coffee. It uses the same coffee pods and capsules. The big magic for me for me is all in the new slider mechanism at the top of the machine, the 3 programmable coffee sizes , the automatic capsule injection, its swivel water tank space saving, plus magnetic drip tray are all worthwhile improvements.

 I like it! And my little magic refillable coffee pods still work!

The tray removes really easily because of its magnets…this is so cool. Of course the trays remove relatively easily on the citiz and pixie but it’s just not as smooth as the versatile tray that you can simply remove and even store on the side of the machine, as  a space saver when not in use.

U Triumphs Citiz and Pixie

So with this little feature alone it triumphs the citiz and pixie in my view but that is not the most enticing feature . The U machine although larger than the pixie a great space saver because you can easily swivel the water tank around to fit a variety of spaces for storage or use.  You have 3 different brew sizes as opposed to 2 brew sizes on the citiz and pixie and  you have buttons which are touch sensitive instead of physical push buttons, which is nice.

Favourite New U Nespresso Feature

The most important change in this new machine is what I love. The new slider mechanism with automatic capsule injection is by far the best thing about the new U!

It means that when I make my nespresso I don’t have to release the nespresso coffee pod after making the coffee. This is wonderful! Why…because I usually want to make my nespresso fast and the problem with that is I often tend to leave the capsule engaged rather than eject when finished. What I discovered is that if you do this regularly with your machine it can start to rust the piercing needles of  your machine These needles puncture your nespresso capsules when making espresso.  You will avoid this problem totally with the new U Nepresso Machine.

So in conclusion it works for me because I can still use my nespresso compatible refillable pods


which I do when I want to save on espresso plus I can enjoy the new features and take better care of my machine.

Checkout the New U Nespresso Machine Features


For an indepth  comparison of nespresso machines watch this Video that take a close look at all the features of Citiz,Pixie,U and Essenza.


4 Steps to Espresso in Your Nespresso Machine

In 4 Easy Steps Save Money, Never Run Out Of Nespresso Again  & Enjoy Unlimited Choices with your family and friends..

 It’s really quite simple…

Step 1 Check your nespresso machine date

if your machine is build pre 2o1o take off the red seal on your refillable capsule. If it is built after 2010 leave on the red seal.

Step 2 Refill Nespresso Pod : Fill with espresso coffee…a fine grind of espresso can

work well but it can take some experimentation. Try a loose fill, I usually find that works well. If you like really strong coffee you may want to use 2 caps for one coffee.

Step 3 Wipe off excess coffee grind from the edges &  just notice the level you have filled your pod to. You may want to try filling to the top or just below the top and see what your machine likes best.

Step 4 Place your filled nespresso pod in your machine it should sit at the same angle your nespresso capsules do.

most machines have a little runner or guide that it slots into. Now your ready to have start the coffee making button.

Tip: I found I was drinking so many nespresso coffee’s per day and my body didn’t like all the extra milk I was having, so

I now just add a little milk to a large size nespresso and I still enjoy…

You will either love use these little refillable nespresso compatible pods or you just won’t! It is as simple as that…I have sold lots of these and the feedback is always the same… Love or not what expected. Fortunately it is only a very small percentage of customers that don’t like them. The only way is to just to get some and try them out.

  • Excellent pods, fast postage
  • Excellent for stronger medium to expresso coffees and flavored black leaf teas
  • will be a saving
  • very quick delivery happy with my deal
  • Arrived as expected. Perfect. Thanks!
  • great product. Having a blast making Coffee & Tea using them
  • Fantastic ,Fast Delivery Cannot Recommend Enough Will Do Business Again
  • Wonderful transaction. Husband is suitably impressed. Thanks
  • top item,very pleased++++++++++++++++

Compatible With:
Any coffee machine that accepts nespresso capsules or coffee pods including Citiz and Pixie, U,etc
Exceptions to the rule are Krups machines model #F867. #F896. #F892. or nespresso machines with automatic capsules.

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Pod Coffee Is Easy to Make at Home

I love my espresso coffee…Its just a time where I can  relax, stop, and feel.  I pull up a table at my local cafe or simply enjoy a coffee at home, the ezy coffee pods way.

Its easy to drop a pod in my nespresso, froth some coffee in the aeroccino and pour. I have cafe style espresso within minutes, and I have not left the house.


Coffee pod espresso, makes coffee at home, a lovely convenient no fuss experience.

A wide range of coffee pod machines available in today’s market place make it all so easy.

Making Pod Espresso is Easy Play

 Its an absolute delight to play with coffee pod flavours choosing your coffee taste in the moment.

There are no messy grinds that spill everywhere making clean up  a charmed walk in the park.

It’s like playing cafe at home without the fuss and clean up…or cafe bill. It a fantastic thing to share with friends and if they like a good espresso or cappuccino…once you hone your skill to their taste they will love to call in for a visit and special treat time.

It can be Tougher on The Wallet & Heavier on The Carbon Footprint Than Expected!

After a few months making espresso pods at home the cost of all the extra pods ordered can begin to add up. You can unexpectedly drink more coffee at home than expected…..and before long be spending more than you bargained for plus have a whole lot of pods for the recycle bin…

If you use nespresso pods and a nespresso pod recycle depot near you then its all too easy. However if your using a different pod, or there is no nespresso pod recycle depo available in your area then  to recycling is different.

You need to empty each pod before putting in the recycle bin.

With no recycling depot close the idea of scraping out each capsule for recycling seems…dull.

Alternative coffee solutions that could be a little lighter on the wallet and the environment are Available

If your starting to feel a little ashamed about your large stash of  nespresso empties or any pod empties,
 you might find refillable coffee pods a good solution alternative to pre packaged and sealed pods or capsules.

Even if you decide to use them for only  50% of your espresso coffee you can be ahead.

Why are Refillable Coffee Pods are a fantastic alternative to brand pods
  • You can Save on The cost of buying Coffee Pods or Capsules
  • Refillable Capsules or Pods have more than one use sometimes up to 50 uses or more Per Pods which means You can Reduce the amount of empty throwout.
  • You Get to choose your Own Coffee or Tea which means you can drink the good quality coffee, organic or your favourite blends in your machine as well as prepacked coffee pods.

Stainless Steel Refillable Nespresso Compatible Pods

Mischief Managed Up To No Good!

I have been up to no good – designing a stainless steel refillable Pods compatible with Nespresso.

Stainless Steel nespresso nespresso compatible Stainless Steel Nespresso Compatible Pod Designs Refillable Coffee Pods.This might sound strange but it is just a way of describing the end result of our efforts.

Here is our story….It all started with an idea!

You know how tea always tastes better if made in a metal tea pot, for some strange reason I thought coffee would taste better in a stainless steel pod rather than a plastic refillable.

So I went about finding someone to manufacture a stainless steel refillable coffee pod compatible with nespresso. As good as my idea was in theory the practical side didn’t really measure up.

I ended up with a stainless steel pods that would cost approx $150 au to make that did not produce a better crème than the plastic version of refillable we now have available at our website .

  I call it mischief managed because after great trial and error I managed to come up with a result – “No Good” Our engineer Richard was terrific and helped with idea after idea and Joshua spent many hours turning out prototypes. It made us really appreciate the BPA free plastic version so much!

Here is what happened – Refillable Coffee Capsule Prototype A

We tried drilling larger holes in an under performing capsule:-

This capsule fitted in the machine but it felt like a squeeze.. we had to adjust the capsule to go in to our pixie,I think we shaved off some plastic in our nespresso machine trying to line up the corrugated sides with inside the machine and the angle was just slightly funny. Even though this design did  work with smaller holes the coffee didn’t flow very well.

What we tried were larger holes! The idea was that it  would provide a better flow through. We were disappointed that there was no improvement on flow or the creme.

Version A Refillable Coffee Pods Trials











Next attempt………..

We shortened the capsule and drilled lots of tiny holes in the base

and the lid. This once again did work however didn’t produce

much creme. The problem with this capsule was that it took ages

to produce, broke heaps of drills and cost about $150 to make because of

the time it took to drill the tiniest small holes.

It was just not commercially viable to produce for our customers








Next up we put a different lid as per the photo above…We found that using this style of coffee pod at the base with the new open lid and some foil wrapped over the whole lid at the top created a good creme.

Actually it was one of our wonderful customers who suggested this…Thanks Roy the foil trick

it did work! It just cost too much to drill the tiny holes in the base.

So after much ado and many cups of coffee in a hot little kitchen at the back of the industrial site,

we tried make the holes slightly larger on the base and the lid…with different sized drills.

Medium Holes Refillable Pod Prototype B


Next up was the idea….

We thought trying a capsule with a very fine stainless steel filer at the base or at the top could reduce

the manufacturing expense. It was a good idea in theory…here is what it looked like.

Refillable_Coffee_Pod_for_Nespresso_Machine_filter_Prototype_E Fine_Stainless_Steel_filter_Coffee_Pod




Alas…the outcome was very disappointing. Although the flow rate was great there was

absolutely zero creme that came through. Even though we tried micro mesh sizes and larger

sizes we had to let go of this idea totally. Disheartened we kept going…trying larger holes

at the base and the lid there were so many trials we lost count.

Stainless Steel Nespresso Compatible Prototype Large Holes

Stainless Steel Refillable Lid Trials for Nesspresso Pods



 Testing the stainless steel versions of coffee pod seemed to be very hard on my little pixie machine.

There was one design that worked but it just didn’t seem as good as the plastic emo4 version with twin filters one at the top and one at the base.

All the testing Lead to Our Conclusion:

The new Emo4 Refillable Nespresso Compatible Capsule Pod available on our website now is a winner in our book!


Refillable Coffee Pods Nespresso Compatible New Version

 Please leave us some comments and tell us what you think… We have decided it best to let the idea go…

 UpDate 1:- Thanks to all the wonderful people who wrote
 to me saying they want stainless steel aldi capsules or nespresso capsules much appreciated.

Update 2:- There are no refillable aldi capsules in the market place and the best refillable nespresso pods we think in the market place are EMO4T  see what I have to say about them here…(link to new article coming soon)

What Coffee to Use in Refillable Nespresso Pods or Capsules?

Coffee Pod in Pixie

What is the Best Coffee to use in your refillable nespresso pods is a frequently asked question.

Experimenting with refillable coffee pods is the best way to great value from your nespresso compatible coffee pods and all hinges on the type of coffee grind you choose.

Because refillable nespresso pods are a relatively new concept it can take a few trys before you get your coffee mix the way you want it.

I found that once I started using a coffee I liked I saved a lot on nespresso capsules. I didn’t stop using them altogether, just a lot less frequently.

I  even mixed it up with a few nespresso capsules as well. One of my favourite was a Roma capsule with my favourite refillable filled with Italian espresso. I found it was stronger and full of flavor, even better than some of my local café espresso. Try it… and you will know what I am saying.

If you use a grind that is not suitable then you may not have the right amount of water flow in your nespresso machine.  It is important to avoid coarse coffee bean grinds that won’t allow enough water to flow through and make a great tasting espresso.

Most espresso blends work well.  If you open the inside of a nespresso capsule you find a very finely even ground coffee. You won’t be able to match that completely but to get similar results you will need to use a similar grind.

I have found that espresso ground specifically for espresso machines to work quite well. The crème is not exactly the same but makes a great change from nespresso capsules in my machine.

Here is a Video of what your coffee should look like:-


One of our customers, and well you know who you are recommends Buzz Coffee Grind 4.

He has a Lattisma machine and initially had to experiment before he found a blend that would flow well in his machine. I use a pixie and I found that other blends worked fine but did not taste as nice as an espresso coffee blend.

If you’ve been experimenting with different types of coffee please share your favourite ways to use refillable nespresso compatible coffee capsules or pods.  “Please Tell us … Share your favourite” In the comments Below Thanks!!!